SpacePak series

Many years of experience and the use of new technologies have enabled the SpacePak series to achieve incomparable performance in terms of performance and precision. The difference is inside.

SP 2000
The SP 2000 series consists of detectors:

  • SPT / SPR, transmitter / receiver mode
  • SPP, optical probe
  • SPRR, used as photocell with reflector
  • SPPR, used as polarized reflector
  • SPBS, photocell with background suppression

The complete series is available in execution

  • 4 wires, PNP / NPN transistor output, 10-30 VDC power supply
  • 5-wire, relay output, 12-240 VAC supply

Maximum detection type and distance

  • Transmitter / receiver: 0-45m
  • Probe: 0-3m
  • Reflector: 0-12m
  • Polarized reflector: 0-10m
  • Background suppression: 0-1.5m
  • Compact square case (50x50mm)
  • Adjustable sensitivity with potentiometer
  • Connection: molded cable or connector