Rotary pallet for bulk solids

Level detection on solids with rotary vane detectors - UWT

Principle of operation

Installing your pallet detector is simple.
The electromechanical device turns: if the rotation stops - because the sensor touches the solid material -, the internal motor switches over and stops. Is the level of solid matter going down?
The sensor is again free to rotate and the detector is activated.
Its robust design makes it indestructible.

At Oniks sensors, we know that level measurement and detection are essential aspects to guarantee constant production. You should be able to rely on your measuring devices.

Our absolute number 1 in solid level detection is the paddle detector
UWT “Rotonivo”: robust and 100% reliable.

  • Robust and reliable full, demand and vacuum level detectors
  • Very modular, tailor-made for your silo and product
  • Wide range, maintenance-free
  • Suitable for sticky and dusty materials
  • For densities of 15 g-560 g / l
  • Length of extension from 90mm to 10,000mm
  • Thread, triclamp or flange process connection
  • Process pressure range: -0.9 bar up to 10 bar
  • Process temperature -40-1100 ° C
  • Power supply: 230 VAC, 24V DC, Universal voltage
  • Certificates: Atex, IEC-Ex, EHEDG, FDA, FM / CSA, Inmetro, GOST-R,….

For all solids, foolproof in all conditions

UWT is constantly improving the technology of these detectors. Your rotary vane detector
has a long service life and withstands extreme conditions such as dust, electrostatic charge, pressure or high temperature (up to 1100 ° C).
In addition to the seals suitable for the supply, UWT has also developed the welding sleeve “flush” conforming to the EHEDG standard, which allows the detectors to be used in conditions requiring very strict hygiene, as in food or pharmaceutical industry.
Even measuring sticky substances, the paddle detector continues to rotate, without the pieces becoming blocked. The reliable seals and electronics of the UWT vane detectors guarantee correct measurement data. The ultimate solution where other detectors fail

Oniks sensors chooses UWT

For Oniks sensors, there is no doubt: when it comes to pallet detectors, UWT is the ideal partner.
The German manufacturer indeed offers indestructible and quality solutions.

Consult us for your next solid detection application.

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Quality, Durability & Service.

Security first

All rotary vane detectors meet the most stringent safety requirements. In addition, UWT can present the following certificates: