Welotec   industrial automation

  • Laser & distance sensors

    Precise laser distance sensors. Exact sensors for measurement ranges up to 1000 mm, industrial series for measurement ranges up to 500 m. 

  • Ultrasonic sensors

    Ultrasonic sensors with switching or analogue outputs for the determination of distance or position for many different applications. 

  • Inductive Proximity Switches

    Non-contact operating proximity switches react to the presence of a metallic object in the monitored area.

  • Capacitive Sensors

    Non-contact operating proximity switches reacting to objects of almost any material in the monitored area.

  • Photoelectric sensors

    Through-beam sensors, Retro-reflective sensors and Diffuse reflection sensors for small measurement ranges up to 100 mm and large ranges up to 60 m.

  • Automation Light Grids

    Automation Light Grids for the recognition of smallest objects as of 1 mm e.g. on conveyor belts (even for flat objects such as envelopes).

  • Fork Light Barriers

    One-beam fork light barriers fast and accurate in versions with infrared, red and laser light.

  • Line Sensors

    For many applications, such as width and thickness measurement. Position monitoring of wires and threads or for the exact web edge control.

  • Capacitive Level Probe

    Capacitive filling level measurement (probes with analogue output) and level detection (switching outputs) of bulk goods and liquids.

  • Vibration and Inclination Sensor

    3 axes vibrations and inclination sensor with programmable alarm function. MEMS technology with RS-485 and analog output.

  • Accessories

    Wide range of accessories for all products in the area of industrial sensors.