ANDRIN - Industrial magnets

Metal extraction systems

We guarantee results which link performance, reliability and technological solutions to continuous innovation. Our control of Eddy currents, metal sensing, magnetized compressed air and electrostatic forces enables us to solve numerous cases of non-ferrous metal separation. Using our products, durable solutions can be reached for bulk product sorting in continuous handling.

The experience gained in industriel magnetism and our know-how in "Iron Removal" from continuous flow bulk products enable us to offer you ranges of "Metal Extraction" equipment specially designed for automatically and continuously eliminating non-ferrous metal parts. Today, the reliability and high performance of our non-ferrous metal separators are recognized and tested in numerous industrial applications.

Why extract metal ?

Extracting non-ferrous metals allows them to be recycled or refined from the material containing them. The quantity of non-ferrous metals, the quality of products from sorting, legal requirements and protection of the environment are all criteria justifying the setting up of a metal extraction unit suitable for your processing.

Purification of raw materials

Some of your products, like a number of raw materials, require a high degree of quality : glass, plastics, timber, paper, chemical products, sand, clinker, etc. They should be free from all metal particles or parts. So the metallic particles should be extracted with appropriate, reliable and high performance equipment. Our equipment is presently installed in numerous industrial plants.

Non-ferrous upgrading

Recycling industries such as car crushers, RBA, fines, flotation units, selective household packaging sorting centers, aluminium crushers, non-ferrous foundries, incineration plants, clinker platforms, etc, upgrade non-ferrous metals so that they can be reused as secondary raw materials. 

Andrin metal extractors reliably and economically operate dry enrichment of the non-ferrous fraction.