Level detection & conductivity measurement
Reliable measuring methods for every application are our specialty. In addition to our proven rotary paddle technology, this includes membrane switches, radar and swing paddle devices, as well as the solder system. 
With the electronic, digital rotary paddle, we have also developed a maintenance-free device for universal use and set a new milestone in level detection.

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  • With the MBA369 perpendicular, the level can be measured in all types of bulk materials. Only a perpendicular like this can determine the height of sediments below the surface of water or liquids by means of a sieve weight. It is also suitable for the continuous level measurement of liquids.
  • The MBA100 mechanical switch reliably measures the limit in free-flowing bulk materials such as granulates, powders or feedstuffs. By light pressure of the bulk material on the stainless steel membrane, a switching process is triggered – 950 grams is sufficient. A microswitch is activated, which triggers an electrical signal. The device itself does not require any current for its function.