MIC+ ultrasonic sensor with display

Strong points

  • Digital screen with direct display of measured values in mm / cm or% ::: for immediately visible results
  • Digital adjustment on the digital screen ::: allows the complete presetting of the sensor
  • Automatic synchronization and operation in multiplexed mode ::: for the simultaneous operation of a maximum of ten sensors in an extremely small space

Key features

  • 1 or 2 switching outputs in pnp or npn ::: version for all commands
  • Analog output 4–20 mA and 0–10 V ::: with automatic switching between current output and voltage output
  • Analog output plus 1 pnp switching output ::: for distance proportional measurement with an additional limit value
  • 5 detection ranges with a measurement range between 30 mm and 8 m ::: individually adapted for the use case
  • Teach-in microsonic by push button T1 or T2 ::: for simple and homogeneous commissioning
  • Resolution 0.025 mm to 0.18 mm ::: for maximum accuracy
  • Temperature compensation ::: for precise measurement in case of temperature variations
  • Operating voltage 9–30 V ::: for use on different voltage networks
  • LinkControl ::: for setting the sensors on the PC



A natural phenomenon serving industry
Since the earliest times, humans and animals have used sound as a vector of information and as a means of measurement. Bats orient themselves in space using ultrasound. Dolphins spot schools of fish.

The idea of using this measurement process on an industrial level at a very sophisticated level led to the development of ultrasonic sensors. They emit pulses at very high frequencies, inaudible to the human ear, and measure the time that elapses until reception of the echoes reflected by an object.